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Students surveyed on Alcohol culture

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Thanks to new data provided by Patrick Gordon, the project coordinator for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention at Carleton, the Carletonian was able to put together the above chart that describes students’ perception of Alcohol culture at Carleton.

The question in the survey was as follows: Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements: – Alcohol use is a central part of the social life at Carleton. Over 1000 students participated in this study in the previous months.

As Gordon pointed out, there is a consistent trend within the student body, upperclassmen are far more likely to consider alcohol as having a central role in Carleton culture than underclassmen are. Notably, while 36.16% of current freshmen disagree with the survey statement, only 9.76% of seniors do, a nearly 75% reduction between freshman and senior year.

It is important to note that these are not statistics on actual usage of alcohol and drug at Carleton, just the perception of usage by students.

The survey, which gathered this information and much more, will be used to quantitatively analyze the status of alcohol and drugs at Carleton. It is a part of a $100,000 grant Carleton received last year from the state of Minnesota.

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