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Cruisin’ with the Prez, a bicycle adventure

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Every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. sharp the cruising club rolls out of Sayles and sets out on an adventure. What exactly is cruising club? It is a glorious tradition that commenced in 2004 as a way to unwind and get outside. Members of the cross-country team, known as the Fellahs, head out on their bikes to random places around the Northfield areas to have a good time.

This has included stops to get ice cream, innings of the Dundas Dukes baseball games, and, of course, many a playgrounds have been cruised to. This timeless tradition is more than a way to procrastinate from homework; it is a way of life. It represents everything that the “Fellahs” stand for.

This week a special guest came to witness the holy event that is cruising club. President Poskanzer rolled into Sayles wearing a funny hat, of sorts, and ready to follow the Fellahs wherever they decided to lead him. I too joined the ride this week.

Hesitant at first, the Fellahs rolled out, 23 strong, drawing attention from all the Carls that they passed.

On Division Street, the Fellahs cruised, taking up an entire lane of traffic. Although passing cars were confused, the Fellahs rolled on; they were on a mission. They decided that they were going to ride to Sechler Park, a park along the Canon River about 2 miles from campus, while the sun was still out. Their hope was to lay on the playground with President Poskanzer. Yes, that’s right. Stevie P. rode with 22 runners in order to play on a playground.

David McKinley, a freshman fellah, took a minor spill on the way, yet the group was not deterred. On we rode, along the path to where our destiny awaited.

When we reached our destination Stevie P. was in awe. He stated, “I will do what I can to make sure that cruising club continues for future generations of Carls.”

In a daze of excitement, many swings were swung, ladders climbed, and general fun was had. Only after a rude awakening that it was 8th week did the Fellahs feel compelled to hop back onto their bicycles and cycle home towards campus.

Although Stevie P. said that he could only stay for a half an hour, he got so caught up in the moment that he cruised for almost twice as long. Once a cruise has begun it is hard to quit.

On the way back the Fellahs discussed with Stevie P. the many places they had explored and how this timeless tradition is passed on from one generation of Fellahs to the next.

Stevie P. had no idea this wonderful club existed. As Fellahs dropped Stevie P. back at his house, he exclaimed that he hoped he would be invited again someday.

Cruising Club happens every spring and although this event drew a larger turn out rate than the average ride, the numbers of cruisers is forever strong.

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