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Fun Spring Activities

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1. Panic about your summer plans

2. Put a quinoa-based salad in a mason jar and carry it around with you

3. Overdress for the chilly morning weather and swelter in the afternoon heat

4. Get your first sunburn of the year

5. Startle a rabbit as it munches peacefully on the fresh spring grass and feel disproportionally guilty about it the rest of the day

6. Run out of Sayles dollars

7. Think about calling your mother but forget about it immediately

8. Complain about The Carletonian

9. Try to do your reading on the Bald Spot, but leave once the sun gets in your face and your pants start to get wet because the ground is made of mud

10. Wipe out on the stairs to Burton.

11. Get mad at birds for chirping when you’re hungover on Saturday morning.

12. Reluctantly open a Buzzfeed clickbait article and hate yourself for being a mindless consumer in search of constant digital novelty

13. Go on a nature walk!

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