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With everything from French pop sensations to folk music, Carleton students interests in music are as diverse as the student body itself. Some students shared their own thoughts about the best type of music and whether their musical tastes are similar to their peers.

Ella Fadely ’18:

“Well I really like Decemberists from Portland and the Head and the Heart and the Fleet Foxes. They’re kind of like Indie rock, alternative. I don’t exactly how to categorize that. If they had the Decemberists [at Spring Concert] I would be absolutely overjoyed. That would be amazing. I love the Decemberists! I also really like pop music and classic rock and rap music sometimes. I have found a lot of people who listen to the same music that I do [at Carleton] which is fun because then we can talk about it.

Sam Wiseman ’18: 

“My favorite kind of music is late Romantic. When I study I usually listen to Sufjan Stevens as of recently. I think some of my music fits [with other Carls] and some of it doesn’t. The music that I listen to that was written after 1920 does [fit in] and the music that I listen to before 1900 does not.”

Brendan Friesen ’18: 

“One [group] that has been my favorite for a long time is the Scissor Sisters. They’re fantastic and wonderful. They’re a British disco pop band who is very gay and they are wonderfully flamboyant and sarcastic about everything.”

Taylor Mayhall ’15:

“My favorite artist is a straight up tie between Beyonce and Stromae. I don’t think that I can pick between the two of them. They’re both probably considered pop, dance music but I really like that Stromae is in French so I think that really appeals. Also, he is really attractive! And I think Beyonce is just an inspiration, so I aspire to be like her some day.”

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