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Ten Things College Kids Miss About Childhood

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Let’s face it: childhood was pretty incredible. And even though we’re now in college and have the freedom to do pretty much anything we please, there’s always a part of us that will want to go back to those endless days spent on the playground. Here’s a list of reasons why:

1. Laundry. Honestly, doing laundry is not that bad, but I sure do miss the times when my clothes would magically reappear in my dresser.

2. You actually have to dress semi-normal for school (at least most of the time). Stretchy pants and Velcro shoes: you have to admit it, this combination was the dream team. No zippers or laces required, this was the surefire way to dress appropriately for the school day.

3. Saturdays of Scooby Doo Marathons Versus Saturdays of Homework. There’s not really a competition: I think we’d all like to spend the day watching cartoons as opposed to working on a math or science problem set. Oh, where did our Saturday afternoons go?

4. Home Cooked Meals.Well, at least I’d imagine home-cooked meals would be a staple of childhood. My mom was never much of a cook. But now we have to swap those sacred family recipes for the daily dining hall grub.

5. Birthday Parties. When we were younger, birthday parties involved huge cakes and ridiculous hats and day-long adventures. I remember countless bowling alley shindigs and massive sleepovers. At college, most birthday parties seem to only involve a dinner in town – if you’re lucky.

6. Reading books that you want to read versus reading books that you have to read. I spent a great deal of my childhood reading, whether it be Berenstein Bears or the Chronicles of Narnia series. At college, though, reading for leisure is practically a nonexistent phrase considering that you’re assigned mountains of readings that you probably would have never chosen on your own.

7. I miss when school didn’t matter. The A that you got in elementary drawing was the equivalent of the A you got in U.S. History. Man, those were the days.

8. Playing with your pet anytime that you want. I don’t think I’m alone in my saying that most of the time I miss my dog the most out of my whole family. When we’re a kid, our pets were always a form of amusement and always had to be around you, whether they wanted to or not. They were the best company.

9. Having a Twin size bed because it was the only thing you knew versus having a twin size bed after you already experienced the glory of a larger bed. Not to mention that when you were younger, you could actually fit comfortably and move around in your bed.

10. School Holidays. When did it become a tradition at colleges to not give you Mondays off and forbid you of a glorious three-day weekend?

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