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Over Break, Students Say, the Best Plan is No Plan

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Through the long and arduous journey that is the ninth week, all that students have to motivate them is the fact that the term will come to an end, and hopefully in this their suffering will cease. Once that beautiful day arrives when there is no more school work to be done, everyone rejoices and looks foward to the break in front of them that allows the student body, along with the staff and faculty, to recooperate and prepare for the next term. So most people go home for Thanksgiving and celebrate with their friends and family.

However, when this is over, five weeks remain until winter term begins. This is a really freakin’ long time. Especially when you consider that if a term was in session, five weeks would mean that midterms were already over. So the question is: what do students do to fill this time? Obviously this changes from year-to-year depending on what the Off Campus Studies programs are offering, where students are able to get jobs and internships along with some luck.

In order to see what how students are going to spend their break this year, an anonymous poll was taken of forty-five students to get a basic idea of how Carls are going to spend the month- and-a-half that is winter break. Many people answered that they were in fact doing multiple things. For example, a very common answer was that a student was going to be home for the holidays, but for the majority of break they would be working in another location.

This chart represents what each student is spending the majority of their time doing. Some of the most in- teresting responses included going to exotic places such as Asia and Europe along with internships at places such as NASA, GM and Sports Illustrated.

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