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ACE Puts the “A”in LGBTQA

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Asexuality Community & Education (ACE), as well as the GSC, have been making efforts to promote bring awareness to the asexual community. The “ACE’s newly approved charter doesn’t have any formal relationship to the GSC’s mission statement,” the GSC wishes to support the asexuality community and make it part of the LGBT discussion. In conjunction with ACE, hopefully discussion on asexuality and the four-letter LGBT label so many of us are used to will be expanded. In light of this newly adopted chanter as well as Asexual Awareness Week, I interviewed ACE leader Emily Johnston 15’ about asexuality and its increasing visibility at Carleton.

Q: What does it mean to be asexual? How knowledgeable do you feel Carls are about asexuality?

Johnston: The basic definition for asexual is “someone who does not experience sexual attraction.” However, asexual is an umbrella term for all sorts of identities on the asexual and aromantic spectra that can include all levels of sexual and romantic attraction/ desire etc. I’d say the number one assumption about asexual individuals is that they don’t form relationships or have sex. Some asexuals are sex or romance adverse, but others do participate in sexual and romantic relationships. Most people don’t know it exists. If people have even heard of it they likely don’t know what it means.

Q: Do you feel that the GSC addressed the needs of asexuals at Carleton?

Johnston: I think it currently doesn’t on its own, but they have been very supportive in our efforts to make Carleton a more welcoming place to asexual students and very receptive to our needs and suggestions. However, we have done a few collaborative events with other groups in the GSC in the past year, such as the screening of the documentary,”(A)Sexual ,” with SaGA (Sexuality and Gender Activism) and a conversation with QTPOC (Queer, Questions, Trans People of Color) about the intersection of asexuality and race.

Q: What does ACE do to celebrate Asexual Awareness Week at Carleton?

Johnston: This year, we had a bake sale to raise money for the Asexual Awareness Week campaign and for visibility efforts on campus. We will also be having an open meeting for anyone interested in learning more about asexuality and/or how to be a good asexual ally. It will be this Monday, November 3 from 5-6pm in the GSC, and everyone is invited. This year’s Asexual Awareness Week will also be ACE’s first anniversary. Happy birthday ACE!

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