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< Carl, “What are your traditions?” You will probably hear a detached recounting of what makes Carleton known outside its own community, as if tradition means a trite section of the campus tour script. From the manic LNT nights to the memorable first frisbee toss (or even streaking, routinizing violations of our Sexual Misconduct Policy), Carleton has many traditions as an institution, things we talk about as if they’re given common ground for all Carls. Look again- what are your traditions?

“Tradition” shapes the experiences of your friends. Just think, you may receive the secrets to making delicious, healthy sourdough bread. You may find yourself racing friends to a couch every week for the latest Dr. Who or Game of Thrones episode, suddenly deeply invested in something you had never heard about. Joining the short tabletop games at each mid-term’s Experimental Role-Playing Laboratory provides not only a way for students to meet, but also to explore their own interests and motivations in any place in history or space. Little traditions like these make connections that teach us about what it means to live, and what it means to be yourself.

Each student on campus contributes to Carleton as a community, meaning what you do actually has an impact. Maybe our champion fris-bros invented the campus landmark frolf course, but crummy players like me share it with one another as a way to enjoy the weather and hang out together. Our impact may include some shouts of “duck!” but will also show the passers-by an image of friends laughing together and catching up after break. Our impact also includes inviting other students along to play, most especially the freshmen who had never thrown a disc before the opening toss. Carleton provides community so long as we as individuals provide it.

Watch Shakespeare films. Read Vogon poetry. Cos-play My Little Pony. Build machines or walk in the Arb only later than midnight: these are our traditions. Yet they are only our traditions so long as we share them. Just as your family probably has some eccentric traditions, find your personal traditions here. Because you will probably remember the time you spent here among friends far longer than the data crammed for any exam. Share what you enjoy and encourage others to do the same. Maybe sloth-lovers will outlive man-dancers, creating a new legacy to be the talk of campus tours. That’s up to you to decide.

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