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CSA Senate Liaison Campaign Declares Next Year’s Winners

<te liaison elections are upon us.  Unlike the t-ball and dance competitions of our youth, this competition does not arbitrarily dole out trophies. Rather, the candidates running for CSA senate liaison positions engage in a heated competition. Week six was crunch time for the students who decided to throw their hats into the ring, and their anxieties culminated on Thursday night in Bolio hall as the debates commenced.

The candidates discussed their platforms and sold their personas, hoping to delineate themselves from their competitors and emerge victorious. The winners have been announced as follows:

When the polls closed at 11:59 pm on Sunday, the results of this grueling mêlée emerged.  The winners had been decided.  Candidate and vote corresponding count listed below:

Admissions and Financial Aid Committee Liaison               Abhimanyu Lele ‘16       361
Center for Community and Civic Engagement Liaison        Hannah Nayowith ‘16     355
College Council Liaison                                                   Henry Gordon ‘15          255
College Council Liaison                                                   Ben Strauss ‘16             181
Committee on Student Life Liaison                                  Hiyanthi Peiris ‘15          477
Community, Equity, and Diversity Initiative Liaison           Madeline Geitz ‘17         438
Environmental Advisory Committee Liaison                      Jake Kramer ‘15            316
Education and Curriculum Committee Liaison                   Harrison Reeder ‘15       326
Gender and Sexuality Center Liaison                               Will Sheffer ‘15              513
Office of International and Intercultural Life Liaison          Melanie Xu ‘17               245
Information and Technology Services Liaison                   Nayely Martinez ‘16        321
Student Activities Office Liaison                                      Robert Kaylor ‘16           424
Sports (Club sports and PEAR) Liaison                             Peter Sang ‘17               236
TRiO Liaison                                                                  Sofia Shrestha ‘15         421
Residential Life Liaison                                                   Jake Powell ‘15              342

I applaud the labors of those who lost the election. And, my heart goes out to the write-in candidates, individuals like Batman, TITTIES, and The Big Dick Man, who were slaughtered in this contest despite their valiant efforts.

It looks to me like Carleton has once again been placed into capable hands. The winners can rest soundly for now, but eventually they will be called upon to fight for their position once again with the prize going only to the winner.  No trophies for effort here.

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