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First Round of Early Decision Acceptances Mailed Out

<t time of the year again, when frantic high school students pull through the last stretch in their college application process by scrambling to submit those polished pieces of writing that will represent them to their dream schools. However, for some, deadlines are no longer a worry as they have already opened the gold and blue folders that welcome them to Carleton’s class of 2018.

Approximately 390 ED1 applications were submitted, a slight 10% drop as compared to last year. 163 students were offered admission, of which a broad cross section includes students of color and from across the world. Close to 40 students were deferred, while another small number of students submitted incomplete applications, and were transferred to the regular decision round as well.

In accordance with previous years’ trends, Carleton also received a substantial number of applications from abroad, about 65-75, in which 15 received the big white envelope. 9 out of the 15 acceptances hail from China.

Moreover, at least half of the early decision round applicants came out to the Midwest to visit Carleton’s campus, interact with current students, and dip a foot into the academic life by sitting in on a class. Needless to say, they fell in love and committed.

“There are many talents in the class of 2018, from volunteer work to musical capabilities, we are extremely excited about this group and look forward to building it up furthermore in the ED2 and regular decision rounds,” said Paul Thiboutot, Carleton’s Dean of Admissions.

Among the admits, six students were awarded the Questbridge scholarship, a prestigious program that links high-achieving, low-income students to full four year grants. In addition, 10 other admits were part of the Posse Foundation, an organization that identifies and selects exceptional student leaders in U.S public high schools, who are then directed to top higher education powerhouses to continue their academics.

This year, Carleton switched its Posse applicant city from Chicago to Houston for the incoming class. The purpose was “to recruit outstanding students from a different part of the country, the south, a region that usually has less applicants,” Thiboutot explained.

The following two rounds of applications, ED2 and regular decision, have already rolled in as well on Jan. 15th. Despite having the same deadline, ED2 applicants receive their notification roughly six weeks earlier than those who are in the regular decision group.

“Students usually wait until the last two days to finally click the submit button, and we are eager to read all of their stories.” said Thiboutot.

As the Carleton’s class of 2018 Facebook fills up, a fresh batch of exuberant “self-introductions” floods the feed. More are sure to appear within the next few months.

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