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April Showers Bring May Snowstorms

<go I wrote a column for prospective students apologizing for the weather and explaining that it isn’t normally like this in Minnesota. Well, Minnesota, I’m done apologizing for you. As I write this, there is four inches of snow on the ground outside, delivered courtesy of a snowstorm…yesterday. On Wednesday, May 1.

Seriously, Minnesota, what gives? Can’t you pull yourself together? It was seventy two days ago, I was wearing a skirt and flip flops…and now I’m back in a ski jacket. Sigh.

So to reassure myself (and anyone who is reading this and also lamenting the snow) that there must be some positive, I decided to make a list of why snow in May might not be a terrible thing.

1. Sunsets. In the winter, the sun sets super early and we don’t get a ton of beautiful colors. Right now, since it’s May and all, the sun sets around 8 PM, so we get to enjoy the sight of a lot of cool colors over the white snow, which lends itself to some night photographs.

2. It’s midterms. At least I won’t have any trouble studying for my chemistry midterm, since I won’t be distracted by pesky things like nice weather. I’m more productive in the library anyway.

3. At least we’ll enjoy some nice weather…eventually…since our compatriots over at Macalester literally never got a real spring this year. They go home next week. We have five more weeks.

4. Similar to hurricanes, snowstorms in Minnesota are named alphabetically. We made it through all 26 letters of the alphabet, and had to start again from A. Welcome to Minnesota, Winter Storm Achilles.

5. Everyone hates it now, so the student body is united in a weird way.
….and that’s about as much as I could come up with.

On the bright side, though, at least it’s supposed to be ninety degrees next Wednesday. I give up, Minnesota, you win.

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