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Poll: Do you think the government should regulate guns more tightly?

<u do need one, you should be able to express clear reasons why you need it, and should be willing to have regulations.” Shanna Yang ‘14

“The principle is nice, but where do you draw the line? If we’re leaving it in the hands of lawmakers, I feel like they will fall more on the side of stripping Constitutional rights.”
Edward Malnar ‘15

“I think it is extremely problematic that someone with clear mental instability would be able to walk into a store and purchase a lot of bullets without having to answer to anybody.” Nona Schamus ‘14

“I think certain types of guns should be regulated more strictly than others. I understand regulating some, but I don’t see a problem with, for example, hunting rifles.”
 Drew Higgins ‘16

“Although I’m not incredibly knowledgeable, I’ve seen statistics of gun-related deaths in the United States compared to other countries that have gun laws…and it makes me think that we should do something different.”
Ben Caffrey ‘14

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