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First Annual EthIC Story Slam Gets Students Fibbing

<u have probably told countless stories in your lifetime, but how many times have you recounted a time you told a lie to strangers?

This past Thursday, Ethical Inquiry at Carleton (EthIC) held a storytelling slam with the theme “got away with a lie.” People gathered in the Sayles-Hill lounge drinking hot chocolate and told stories about the fibs they have said.

People attending the event had fun listening to the stories. Anna Morrison ’13, EthIC Associate, said, “those that came and shared brought many interesting stories and loads of storytelling skill.”

In addition, participants appreciated the sense of community created by the event.

Eleanor Dollear ’16 said, “I knew almost nobody in the whole room, but by the end of the slam I felt like I knew a little bit about everyone and…appreciated everyone there and everything they had to offer.”

The leaders of EthIC chose the theme because many can relate to the experience. Morrison said, “We chose the theme ‘Got Away with a Lie’ because it is an experience that most people have gone through.”

Because of the shared understanding of the experience, “….no matter how big or small the lie was, I ended up relating to the storyteller and often sympathizing with him or her,” said Dollear.

Telling stories at the event was meant to be a unique experience. Morrison  explained, “We were sharing with relative strangers who only saw the slice of your life that you offered them.  Kind of liberating, kind of scary, ripe for embellishment!”

In the end, participants came away with a greater understanding about the lives of others and their own lives. Andre Miller, ’16 said, “It made you think about how an individual’s simple decisions and statements can affect the community as a whole.”

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