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Top Ten Reasons to Wake Up Earlier

<e’s bound to be plenty of cheesy eggs and bananas at LDC-- those are some hot commodities.
2. You can review your schoolwork and it will be fresh in your head when you go to class.
3. You have time to do yoga and get your Zen on for the day–you’ll be legit calm, cool and collected all day.
4. If you’re an overachiever you can wake up super early and watch the sunrise.
5. “YOLO” –Layne Teska.
6. You can make a game plan for the day–even if you don’t follow it, you can carry it around all day and at least feel productive.
7. There’s actually laundry washers and dryers available.
8. You’ll be more productive and get work done quicker because there’s way fewer distractions. Honestly, who would be on Twitter or Facebook early in the morning?
9. There’s time for you to actually consider what you’re going to wear; dressing classy makes you feel classy.
10. You can do that stuff that you always want to do but never actually have time to do–like crafting, painting, exercising, writing, etc.– seriously, get a hobby!

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