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New Study Abroad Program: Sports in London and Spain

<e of Off-Campus Studies (OCS) has expanded its program offerings to include the world of global sport. Starting in the winter of 2014, Carleton will offer a program for Sport and Globalization in Seville and London headed by men’s soccer coach Bob Carlson.

The program’s course offerings will include Global Athletics, Lessons from International Football, and an Introductory Coaching class for PE credit.

In addition to those offerings, there will be an outreach program in which the participants will coach students at a Seville school in various sports. While the program is centered on athletics, Carlson emphasizes that the program is for students of all backgrounds and interests.

Carlson said, “Its not just for members of the soccer teams, its for all students.”

Emphasizing his excitement about the opportunity to establish a program revolving around sports, he said, “as an undergrad, I always regretted not going abroad”.

He noted that he was thrilled when “the chance came to start a program around the things I love.”

On the program, students will have the opportunities to attend professional soccer matches in both countries. Apart from the famous English Premier League and Spanish La Liga games, the program will also feature games from the lower tiers of each league.

While in London, students will have the opportunity to live in apartments with their classmates. Director of Off-Campus Studies Helena Kaufman is eager for students to have a housing system that emphasizes independence.

“It will give students a chance to explore this big metropolitan city on their own,” she said.

Coach Carlson also looks forward to exploring all that London has to offer. “London is the center of the soccer universe and the language will make it easier as well.”

His excitement is heightened by the prospects of the students discovering and examining the differences between both nations. “There are some very real differences in culture and how they [England and Spain] play the game,” he said.

Looking ahead to 2014, Carlson is particularly excited for the outreach-coaching program that he and his students will take part in during their time in Seville.

He values “the opportunity for civic engagement and becoming a part of the community; to give back, coach, and teach will be a phenomenal experience for all involved.”

He added, “There’s so much I’m looking forward to: experiencing this with Carleton students, watching football, and experiencing cultures.”

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