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Top Ten Things to Do with Fallen Leaves

<int them green, glue them back onto a tree, and pretend it’s still summer; denial is a happy place.
2. Preserve them in your textbook- you don’t need that anyway, do you?-and save them until winter when you are suffering from severe cabin fever.
3. Make a full-body scarecrow of yourself, set it up in your 1A the night before class, and enjoy sleeping in the next day.
4. Stuff them in between your mattress and your bed sheet because sometimes one mattress pad just isn’t enough.
5. Don’t have a bike lock? Glue a bunch of leaves to some netting and throw it over your bike wherever you park it- instant camouflage.
6. Glue them to your window and hope that it has the same effect as stained glass. And hey, if not, at least you’ll have extra insulation come winter.
7. Hijack a snowplow and use it to effectively relocate every leaf on Carleton College campus. To St. Olaf campus.
8. Take a picture of yourself jumping into a bodacious pile of leaves, and make it a very seasonal profile picture on Facebook.
9. Start up your forever treasured spectrophotometer and measure which leaves have the truest colors.
10. Stuff some leaves into a huge box and send them to your friend so they think they are getting a really awesome care package. Surprise!

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