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Top Ten Things to Do with the Ten Minutes Between Class

<;   Attend Russ Petricka’s step aerobics class- let’s face it, you wouldn’t last longer than ten minutes anyway.
2.    Heat up, and ravenously devour, a bowl of Easy Mac.
3.    Watch Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video without holding back your inhibition to dance along to it.
4.    Go to Fourth Libe with the intention of studying for your next class, without fail end up seeing everyone you know, and  end up not even touching your notes.
5.    Go to First Libe with the intention of studying and end up sitting in a corner ordering a cute pair of jeans online.
6.    Organize your beloved drawer of festive holiday socks… By season.
7.    Lay in the bald spot, pondering the greatest woes of the natural world- this is Carleton afterall.
8.    Try to determine the best maneuver to get your bike out of the massive heap known as the Sayles’ bike racks.
9.    Write a Top Ten list at the speed of one thing per minute.
10.    Maybe, just maybe, walk to class?

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