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<rleton expects a lot out of us. And to be honest, it’s not messing around. Whether your first time on campus was just a few weeks ago or a few years ago doesn’t matter. Around these parts, we’re all floating in the same ocean. We’re all expected to know how to swim from the get go.

But there aren’t any water wings waiting for us to put on before we ease into these shark filled waters. Instead, we hit that cold, unknown water hard, with little thought for what might lay in wait beneath the murky surface.
But that’s part of the beauty of the whole thing. There are endless possibilities waiting in the depths and if you’re ready and willing to dive for them, you might dredge up something precious.

For all of the stress and anxiety that Carleton causes us as we attempt to navigate often uncharted waters, we’re better for it. There’s a reason why we sign up for this four year adventure. There’s a reason why we don’t get out of the water when those triangular dorsal fins peak out of the waves.

That’s not to say that everything should be challenging. Swimming around in rough seas is difficult, but anyone who has ever floated in an undulating expanse of water will tell you, it’s also relaxing. It’s easy to get pulled under by the collective weight of school, work, sports, and __________ (your stress causer here).

But those things don’t define the entirety of the Carleton experience. This place is about so much more than a problem set or a time entry sheet on the Hub. Finding a moment to stop and come up for air is not only necessary, it will make it that much easier to go back beneath the waves and search for more.

Whether your idea of relaxation is a walk through the arb, spending time with friends, meditating, listening to music, or something else doesn’t matter. What’s important is that relaxation comes in a truly relaxing form.

Self-care is something that should be prioritized, not ignored or put off. It’s unrealistic to say that it’s possible to take a moment to relax every time things start piling up. But, who’s to say we shouldn’t strive for clarity as we drift and swim (sometimes aimlessly) through seas that can be both rough and calm at the same time?  

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