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Ready for the New Year? So Are We!

<e upon a time, it was a new school year at Carleton. Without last year’s seniors, there was an empty hole that left the campus feeling deprived and in need of a new student presence. Luckily, the Class of 2016 arrived to complete the Carl package of awesomeness and the upperclassmen welcomed them with open arms.

Additionally, there were a plethora of other changes that awaited the returning students, ready to shock and awe and elicit many inquiries as to “why.” From unrealistic printing quotas that will make at least half of the student body broke by fourth week to “landfill bins” instead of trashcans to the absence of The Cave in nightlife culture, Carleton had seemingly changed more than we had expected to find it after a single summer.

On the bright side, we now have 32 new professors (who are cooler than the icy land of Antarctica that Larry Gould explored) excited to fill our overeager minds with new academic material. The freshmen class is ready to offer their unique talents to Carleton’s collective quirkiness quota, as well. In sum: Carleton is continuing to improve despite some annoying setbacks (printers, you are our personal worst nightmare – seriously, why is this happening?!) and everyone on campus is primed for a great 2012-2013 academic year!

For now, a successful and prosperous Fall Term is in our sights. This is an exciting time for us at The Carletonian. We are looking forward to being your new editors-in-chief for the next year, especially during a national election season, and can’t wait to break pants-dropping, campus-wide, cutting-edge news to our readers.  We’ve got an amazingly dedicated staff this year, with new editors and writers ready to bring you the hard truth of each story.
To our readers, thank you for re-subscribing or for picking up this issue of our newspaper. We’re hitting the ground running and it couldn’t be possible without you. Here’s to a great year for everyone and we hope you enjoy what we have to offer!

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