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New Student Week 2012

<y year, Carleton’s New Student Week (NSW) helps the incoming freshman class assimilate to college life for five days before classes start. This year, the new Class of 2016 enjoyed group bonding and getting to know their fellow classmates through tried-and-true NSW traditions, as they were welcomed into Carleton’s unique and “quirky” community.

“It was a good way to get to know people,” said Dan Bollinger ’16. “People were really friendly [at NSW] and it was indicative of the rest of Carleton as a whole.”

Added NSW Leader Jeremiah Moriarty ’15, “The week was great, it was fun to watch the new students transition from being your precious NSW children to fellow Carls, seeming continually more at home on campus.”

There were over 30 NSW groups, with between 14 and 17 freshmen in each one, that were assembled randomly so that new students could meet other people to break out of social bubbles and meet a plethora of different Carls. Every group was led by two group leaders with a mix of a few other campus organization representatives, from Student Activities Office (SAO), Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC), and Office of Intercultural and International Life (OIIL). 

“It was nice to meet a group of people that weren’t living in your hall or in your classes,” said Erika Fitzpatrick ’16.

The freshman class participated in several mandatory events, such as presentations on Doing It Right: Consent, Dating, and Relationships (about the many facets of college relationships), Carleton’s Sexual Misconduct policy, and The Buzz (about alcohol usage on campus). Afterwards, the NSW groups would meet and have a facilitated discussion led by a peer leader.

“After some of our post-presentation discussions, a number of students came to me with personal issues and we talked about it together,” explained Becca Giles ’15, a NSW leader. “[NSW] went beyond making connections with freshmen: we made lastingrelationships and friendships that will carry throughout and beyond the year.”
Despite the seemingly heavy subject matter of learning about drinking, relationships, and alcohol or drug usage on campus, the groups were able to partake in some lighthearted and jovial activities as well. From playing Frisbee on the Baldspot to attending Northfield’s annual Jesse James Days to participating in a Variety Show, the freshmen were kept busy with fun group bonding events as well.

“Our group played ninja in front of President Poskanzer’s house while waiting to get in for the brunch for freshmen,” said Corey Allred ’16.

“The Variety Show was definitely the most fun,” Giles said. “We had a student perform a serious reading of ‘Sexy and I Know It’ by LMFAO and everyone in our group was very supportive of him. It was great!”

For NSW leaders and the class of 2016, the week was a great way to start the new school year. “Dancing on the college sign, rambling happily about professors and the Malt-O-Meal air, and meeting the new class all made it a really positive experience,” said Moriarty.

“It was a lot of fun,” added Allred. “Good job to the people who put it together because it was really well done!”

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