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Floor Drying Racks!

<rlier this year, a SOPE (Students Organized for the Protection of the Environment) proposal to purchase two drying racks for each floor in the dorms was approved by the Sustainability Revolving Fund (SRF) which funds projects that will pay back the initial cost through monetary savings.  The drying racks have been ordered and half of them should arrive soon and be ready for use in the next week.

But why drying racks?

1)    Reduce Energy.  A clothes drier is one of the biggest energy consuming appliances with the average clothes drier using 3,400 watts, almost eight times more than what a washing machine uses.  Another way to think about this is that 4.4lbs of CO2 are released for each load of laundry you dry.

2)    Save Money.  It costs $0.75 for drying a load of laundry whereas using the drying rack is free.  If you dry one load of laundry a week, then that would add up to $22.50 a year.

3)    Stains Don’t Set.  Heat makes stains set and once they’ve been through the drier, they won’t come out.  Air drying will not cause this problem.

4)    Clothes Don’t Shrink.  Drying clothes can often cause them to shrink.  Avoid this by using a drying rack!
These are just some reasons to consider using a drying rack.  The drying racks will be stored in the floor supply closet, lounge, or kitchen and there will be a sign-out sheet to keep track of the drying racks. 

Please remember that they are public good and to use them respectfully and return them in a timely manner so that other people can also use them.  So make sure to keep an eye out for the drying racks and use them!

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