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<ong>Superhero Party Friday, 2nd Week
The classic has returned, with a new date. Traditionally an end-of-term event, Superhero Party was held at The Grand last year for the first time, after many years of being an outdoor event. Historical incarnations of the event featured a slip-and-slide down Bell Hill into a giant inflatable dome, where a raucous dance party was set to  projections of superhero movies – or at least that’s what alumns tell us.

Mai Fete Every Wednesday? Never?
Mai Fete has traditionally been a weekly spring term party held on Wednesday nights on the island from which it gets its name, complete with kegs and pizza. The new alcohol policy has stymied enthusiasm among students, as there are now increased legal and financial responsibilities tied to hosting the event. Stay tuned in next week’s issue for an official update on Mai Fete 2012. 

Accepted Students 3rd and 4th Weekend
Brace yourself. This is a particularly dangerous time to bike about campus, with the high number of excited but lost potential-Carls that appear on our sidewalks.  It can also be an opportunity to rake in the cash – Admissions offers valuable incentives for students who volunteer to host prospies for the weekend.

Drag Show Friday, 3rd Week
Typically held the same weekend as Accepted Students Days, the Drag Show features a group of professionals from the cities who entertain the crowd in this well-attended event. Remember, tips are always appreciated!

Ebony II Friday and Saturday, 4th Week
Spring Ebony is truly something to behold – instead of the usual Sayles venue, Spring Ebony is located in West Gym, so there’s no worry of it being too crowded to get a good seat. Be prepared for all of the ridiculousness that is Ebony, just a lot bigger, and maybe with more streaking.

Battle of the Bands Friday, 5th Week
This event, held each year at the Grand, determines which student band will get a chance to play as an opener for Spring Concert. Look for registration information in the coming weeks.

International Fest Saturday, 6th Week
If you like food, do NOT miss International Fest. You can sample snacks from around the globe while students groups perform and demonstrate traditions from all over the world.

Room Draw 7th Week
Good luck making it through room draw without your fair share of drama, tears, and heart-wrenching disappointment. In one past room draw, the popcorn machine from Student Activities set off the fire alarm, causing everyone to evacuate the Great Hall mid-draw, resulting in much confusion. Be sure you do your homework and research the rooms you want beforehand, and everyone in your group must be present at the draw to get your residence of choice.

Spring Concert Saturday, 8th Week
While there’s still no official word on that acts lined up for this year’s concert, you can count on the food vendors, ample security, and bare-footed bliss that defines spring concert–one of the ultimate events of the season. 

Rotblatt Saturday, 9th Week
The best day of the year, Rotblatt persists despite challenges from alcohol policy changes. Not even the Northfield Social Host Ordinance, which sent a chill down the spines of Rotblatt organizers last year, can’t put a damper on the pure joy of Rotblatt. Be sure to pre-order a shirt; it helps defray costs and will ensure that you need not engage in a physical altercation to get your hands on a shirt. Be warned- if you walk away immediately after getting your shirt to go back to bed, you will be pictured in the CLAP and it will be embarassing.

Commencement June 9th  Everyone will be crying.

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