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Security addresses ‘Iceland’ concern

<st harmless hayfields and turkey farms, students generally regard Carleton as a safe place. Rarely does the campus experience disturbances, and Northfield boasts a uniquely low crime rate.

This made students all the more surprised to find an e-mail at the start of winter term notifying them of a “person of concern on campus.”

The email described an individual who approached a College staff member claiming that he was the son of Iceland’s king. Perhaps most ominously, the individual threatened that he could “start World War II if he wanted because he was on the web,” according to Campus Security’s email.

While some students laughed over the e-mail, there was a slight tension in the air following the visit of this mysterious “Prince of Iceland” was, as Security had yet to follow up on the disturbance.

“The person was not seen on campus again, but has been positively identified as a Northfield resident,” said Wayne Eisenhuth, head of Campus Security. “The Northfield Police have spoken to him, and he admitted to being on campus.”

An officer from the Northfield Police Department relayed the College’s concern regarding his behavior, and the “Prince of Iceland” has agreed not to come back on campus. He provided no explanation for his behavior, but he ensured them that he did not intend any harm.

Eisenhuth said Carleton is generally an incredibly a safe place, but there have been “several instances of odd behavior by visitors, so it’s not necessarily unusual.”

“In today’s climate we try to treat every report such as this seriously, and will make every effort to keep our campus safe,” he said.

Most Carleton students were not bothered greatly by the disturbance. Some even found the email humorous and “enjoyed the finer details,” Eisenhuth said.

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