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Evans, Cave renovations discussed at College Council meeting

<llege Council gathered for its monthly meeting on Monday to discuss some of the most pressing matters at Carleton.

Discussions of the Board of Trustees visit next week, the 2010-2011 budget, Evans Hall renovations, the strategic planning initiative and Northfield Option housing dominated the meeting.

A large part of Monday’s meeting was devoted to bringing all of the Council members up to speed on where Carleton stands in terms of last year’s budget, what to expect from the Board of Trustees visit next week and how the process of the strategic planning initiative is working.

The majority of the discussion among the Council members, however, centered on the plans for the renovation of Evans, as the Trustees will hopefully to approve the plan in their upcoming visit.

Students and faculty members alike brought many questions to the table about how the renovation would affect the Carleton community.

The renovation of Evans would represent a significant cost to the college, even though a large part of it can be covered by previously given donations that are designated for dorm upgrades.

Fred Rogers, vice president and treasurer of the college, said part of the cost is also expected to be covered by the 40 new beds that will be added to Evans. Students expected to otherwise to take Northfield option will hopefully fill these new beds.

Beth McKinsey, Professor of English and American Studies, voiced a concern about Carleton’s view of the reduction of
off-campus housing as a way to balance the budget — a concern that has been mirrored by many Carleton students. She discussed the importance of the experiences gained from living off campus.

“The goal is not to bring the number [of students living off campus] to zero,” Rogers said.

Nevertheless, a reduction in Northfield Option housing seemed to be a definitive part of the plan to cover the costs of the renovation. This issue was left open for further debate in the fu- ture.

CSA Senator Rebecca Goure- vitch ’12 asked about a rumor circulating through the junior class that more students would be able to participate in the Northfield Option if Evans were to be closed off for renovations next year.

College President Steven Poskanzer identified the rumor as unfounded, and Dean of the College Bev Nagel cited the “possible addition of more off-campus studies programs” as a more like- ly solution to the drop in avail- able student housing.

Considerations of renovations to the Cave were also of much interest to the Council members. The proposed updates include new bathrooms, a room where performers can warm up, new windows and doors and a new bar. Further updates are still open for discussion.

The College Council is comprised of a varied group of 18 faculty and staff members, CSA student representatives and alumni, including CSA President Isaac Hodes, Nagel and Faculty President Michael Hemesath.

Council meetings are open to all members of the Carleton community, unless a closed executive session has been designated. The Council is due to meet again in November.

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