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Crack House residents respond to alcohol policy: party responsibly

<nd 210 2nd Street East (which The Carletonian refers to as “Crack House”) is not the place to sidestep on-campus alcohol policies. While firmly off-campus, 208 and 210 2nd Street East are still part of the Carleton and Northfield communities. We occasionally host social events in which kegs and drinking games are present, but these options are only available to invited students of-age, under control, and above the influence of controlled substances.

As hosts, we have policies in place to ensure that the Northfield  Social Host Ordinance is followed. When any student chooses to participate in off-campus nighttime social activities, they must remember that more than just students live in the neighborhood.

Special attention should be paid to keeping containers of alcohol closed when walking the streets, disposing of litter in proper trash bins, and keeping the volume of voices and music to appropriate nighttime levels. Any students not complying with these modest requests will be issued a ‘Stay On’ letter.

Veasey Conway & The Rest of 208/210

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