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Why I should consider acting like an “adult”

<ve recently been given an internship for my senior year of college. Well, not given, per se. I applied for it and schmoozed some people and flashed the pearly whites and then I was given an internship. Training goes into effect immediately and, as part of that training, I am required to wear business casual clothing in the office.

Business what in the where now?

For those of you who don’t know me (which is everyone except Devin) you must understand something about my wardrobe. I wear jeans, a white v-neck and weather dependent shoes nearly every day of my life. There is little to no variation in my style and I’m absolutely comfortable with that. In fact, when ever I do wear something different my hipster friend Dan says, “Why, Katie. You’re looking especially un-dumpy today.”

I usually blame this on not having enough time or something that makes me sound like a total martyr but the fact of the matter is that I don’t care. I used to wish that I cared but now I don’t even do that. But now I have to care because I’m expected to wear business casual clothing every day! This thought terrifies me.

I’ve been trying to figure out a lot of things about my impending adulthood, and the implementing of an adult wardrobe is one of my top stressors. At what point do I stop wearing my t-shirt with the cat holding a boom box? When do I retire my zebra striped sunglasses? And when do I look seriously into purchasing a blazer?

I am by no means a business-woman nor do I intend to take that career path. But right now, as a struggling college student who blew all of her money in Europe, I will happily take jobs in offices.

Back to this adulthood thing and my fear of it. What is the appropriate age for me to stop watching Full House? I am being absolutely serious. I plan most of my days around the one hour ABC Family block that airs every morning. I really hate doing physical activity, but I have found myself running back to my house on more than one occasion so that I don’t miss any of the Tanner family antics. I have intern training every day this week at the exact time that Full House is on. Life is hard sometimes.

My biggest adult related change comes when I decide to go by Katherine and not Katie. Numerous people have told me to just not make the switch, but I know I want to. I just don’t know when yet. My recently updated résumé has me as Katherine Markovich, so that’s a small step in the right direction, right? The last time I updated my résumé I also omitted my years of ice cream scooping and balloon animal making to make room for the real jobs I’ve acquired over the years. Baby steps.

My mom told me that, “it’s ok to age, just don’t grow up.” I agree with her. But right now I need to find a pair of smart slacks and presentable top—it’s that time of day to go into the office and pretend to be an adult.

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