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What’s going on with Stevie P?

<r many of us, Carleton as a whole is an endless resource of books, learning, excellent professors, clean dorms (questionable), study breaks, catered food, and Frisbees. But, as we are running around throwing Frisbees in the arb or staying up late to cram for that chemistry exam, do we ever stop and wonder how it is all run?

Our president, Steven Poskanzer, has been busy lately. He has almost finished his travels across the states, as he has been visiting all of the trustees in their homes to meet and talk with them. 

Meanwhile, this week has been a busy one for our always-smiling, always-busy president. He has been “busy interviewing four candidates for the vacant post of Vice President for External Relations.” The External Relations division includes the offices of Alumni Affairs, Development, Stewardship, and College Relations, and is currently led by Associate Vice Presidents Joe Hargis and Gayle McJunkin. According to Stevie P, “The New VP will be the chief fundraiser and alumni and public affairs outreach leader for the College.  Along with other senior staff, I’m spending several hours with each candidate, assessing whether they’d be a good fit with Carleton’s culture and with my leadership style.”

Like many on campus, Mr. P has also been busy preparing for the recently accepted students coming Thursday.  “I will be hoping to convince these talented women and men to make the obviously correct choice and enroll at Carleton,” he stated.
In addition, he also met with CSA Senate last Monday night to discuss Strategic Planning. Strategic planning is “essentially about bringing together faculty, students, alumni, and trustees to answer questions pertinent to determining the future direction of Carleton,” states Mackenzie Persen, class of 2014 representative. They discussed relevant issues and ideas to move the campus forward, and will be working in the future to better the campus and prioritize what they want to get accomplished. Issues such as diversity, and funding for students and professors, and other issues were discussed.

Finally, he will be “hosting a dinner party at Nutting House to celebrate the awarding of tenure to four faculty.  Being tenured is a great career achievement and honor,” he finishes.

Stay posted for next week!

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