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Cats: A Love Story (that will never, ever end)

<f year at my college often evokes feelings of hostility towards certain groups on campus. I thought that, perhaps, you would like to hear about those hostilities. But then I remembered that I am annoyed by almost everything.

Really, I mean that. Last night I stormed out of my living room during a new episode of Skins, claiming that I was personally and deeply offended at how awful that show is. So I’ve decided to steer clear of stressors and anxiety, because that is no way to start the semester. Also, I would hate to burden anyone with my blatantly biased opinions concerning pledge week for frats and sororities. It’s not that interesting, and it just boils down to my desire to eat a meal in peace without 50 guys yelling about fraternity and justice for all.

There is one issue that is far more relatable and, frankly, more important. I understand that I am supposed to provide the foremost news from the state of Ohio, but the fact of that matter is that some truths are simply universal. I’ve only been back at school for two weeks, but that has been more than enough time for me to realize the priorities in my life. I just really miss my cats, you know?

Why is it that our animals take up a monumentally large piece of our hearts and, frankly, our sanity? Why do we struggle so much with Shadow’s near death in Homeward Bound? And why do ASPCA commercials not only create an aversion to Sarah McLachlan, but also cause us to wake our pets from their naps and reassure them that we will never, ever let the pound get them?

To this day, my dad still claims that the love of his life was his beloved dog Shauna, who he saved from a swarm of bees and nursed back to health. I cant even be bitter about a statement like that. We’ve all had a Shauna in our lives, and saying goodbye to them when we go back to school is strange. We cant explain where were going, and we don’t receive the immediate verbal validation of, “I’ll miss you, too.”

Every Monday at my college, workers from the local Humane Society bring dogs to our main student center. Throngs of students can be heard saying, “I had a really bad day. I’m going to go pet the dogs for a little bit.”

Because college is a lonely place! And if I could bring Chester to live with me in my room, I would. Chester is my cat, by the way. He is orange, very agile, extremely sensitive and not very bright. Chuck is my other cat who is also orange, not very agile, cares little for others feelings and has the mind of an evil genius. Together, they are the perfect set of brothers.

So this is for the Rorys. The Maxes. The Caseys and Rileys and Mollys and Chesters. Oskars, Guses, Coopers, Charlies and Ralphs.

We’re all thinking of you. In the wake of all-nighters, sporting events, theme parties and bad dates, most of us would prefer to see you at the end of the day so we can rub your bellies and pat your heads. Just know that we didn’t leave you. Let’s Skype sometime, ok?

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