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CSA addresses funds and sustainability

<s been busy this past week discussing money-making plans and sustainability measures.

This Monday, the meeting began with the addition of four students from the Committee of Student Life, a CANOE member, and a Budget Committee member applying for open positions.  These appointments were all approved. 

Sarah Duane, treasurer, then presented her proposal to “improve campus through a contest.” Duane proposed that the CSA ration out $1000 for a student-initiated project, in which the student must submit a tangible project idea to the CSA through an application, and if approved, would be budgeted $1000 to cover the cost of his or her project. The ultimate idea is to better the campus through student-initiated projects. A discussion followed as to what constitutes a “tangible” project and whether a $5000 stipend would be more realistic. It was concluded that the project would be discussed when it arose, and that $5000 was a more realistic number. If any student has a project idea, be sure to look out for upcoming CSA signs.

Next, Senator Joe Marren discussed the Fall Term survey results, for there have been several complaints about CSA’s methods. The surveys were primarily over course choices, Onecard vending machines and trays. While the majority is in favor of Onecard vending machines and most students enjoy their courses, there is still a large divide amongst students over “going trayless.” The CSA also discussed new initiatives, such as better Sayles dances and donating extra dining dollars to charity. This led to a further question as to how often surveys should be run. It was decided that for now the CSA will continue to run a fall-term survey and a spring-term survey.

Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) Representative Senator Rhys Lindmark gave an update regarding the idea of a curriculum plan for sustainability. Rhys said that the EAC was trying to promote an environmental off-campus studies program, implement a 4th libe compost system, keep a greenhouse gas emissions inventory, have a “green” session during the RA study break, remove bottled water from campus (which he stated, should “be seen soon”) and use drying racks instead of a dryer.

Vice President Isaac Hodes then proposed an idea to make more money for the CSA by purchasing shares of the college’s endowment and investing them. Hodes believes that, through time, this will bring in a “significant income,” but will receive “no revenue until dividends.” Essentially, the CSA would be in debt for some time. Bill Brinkman proposed that the CSA could invest through the Carleton Investment Group, which is beginning to conduct investing simulations. Nothing concrete was decided.

Finally, Senator Asim Manizada from the Committee on Student Life listed ideas that are up in the air to change the layout of Sayles. The idea is to “remodel Sayles to make it more of a student center,” which would include removing the current mailboxes that block windows from projecting a nice view of campus. The installment of a cereal bar, a separate space for studying, a student-run coffee shop and renaming of the Bookstore were among the ideas the Committee discussed.

A few additional comments were made regarding what students have been complaining about lately. Those problems included: the need for a new Sayles printer in the computer lab, implementing a Onecard system on the houses, changing the bike storage ticket system, more political tolerance around campus, spreading the word about Carleton and adding new vending machines with healthy snacks in the dining halls. Furthermore, it was brought to the attention of the CSA that due to the country’s current economic state, financial aid requests have increased and the school is reaching its upper limits in terms of money it can give out to students.

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