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Caught in the ACT: a constructive corner on campus

<cated at the incredibly central and visible corner of Sayles and the Great Hall, the ACT Center is a unique and open place on Carleton’s campus that is always filled with activity and eagerness. Student Coordinators and Program Directors enjoy the comfort of the ACT office’s pleasant couches as they meet to discuss upcoming volunteer plans and programs. Upon walking into the ACT Center, the door makes the same pleasant and studious click as the heavy Libe doors, which sets an initial tone of warm efficiency. The ACT Center also has a distinctive aroma, owing to the large collection of spicy herbal teas enjoyed on gloomy fall mornings. 

The ACT Center is stocked with supplies and forms and resources for community volunteering in nearly every available cabinet. Program Directors enter the office, rummage through their program’s drawer, gathering up arts and crafts, reserving the ACT van, or retrieving their PD binder in order to keep their programs running smoothly. The walls of the ACT Center are also decorated with hanging folders full of transportation waivers, brochures about ACT programs, and other useful forms. Tape, paper, paints, and kitchenware are all available to those who utilize the ACT Center for their volunteering endeavors. Basically, the ACT Center is full of the materials needed for successful programs that promote civic engagement and service in the community. 

Atmosphere and materials aside, the ACT Office is perhaps made most distinct by the quality and dedication of the individuals who visit the Office Center, either as long-time Program Directors, Staff, Student Coordinators, or as first-time interested volunteers. The students and faculty who frequent the ACT Center reaffirm that ACT has a presence on campus, and that Carleton’s student body is active and interested in giving back to the broader Northfield Community. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to visit the ACT Center to learn about volunteering and civic engagement opportunities. The ACT Center’s appearance, resources, and the people who can be found planning and organizing inside represent the openness and flexibility of ACT.

So, stop by the ACT Center and see how you can get involved!

– Ainsley Land, on behalf of the ACT Center

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