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<st editors have said this is a thankless job. They're not wrong. "It is a minor miracle that The Carletonian comes out every week," wrote Matt Thueson, the Editor-in-Chief of The Carletonian in 2000. A decade later, not much has changed. Our first night on the job, we were in the office until 7 a.m. Security, next door, kept popping in and out to check in on us. We’re sure they’ve seen multiple editors go through this.

Most editors however did not have the privilege of breaking two major news stories – the retirement of President Oden and the selection of Steven Poskanzer as the incoming president. As many late nights and frustrating moments – and there were plenty – as it has entailed, we’re grateful for the experience and to the community for allowing us to do this job.

There are many people to thank – especially our subscribers and advertisers who are our sole sources of revenues (so don’t forget to subscribe next year!) – and some in particular deserve individual recognition.

Eric Sieger, from Media Relations organized both our interviews with President Oden and Steven Poskanzer. He gave us the opportunity to break these stories and ensured that a student-ran newspaper would not be cut out of the loop.

Obviously we would not have any content to fill our issues without our writers, photographers, copy editors and news editors. Our reporters have been persistent and thorough in the assignments that we gave out. We have an ambitious team that is dedicated to this newspaper’s success.

Matt Pieh and Bea White from The Carl always managed to produce fun-filled issues of our sister publication that kept people talking. We are well aware of the students who take The Carl out, leaving a sad pile of ‘tonians behind.

To our delivery team, business team, web team and friends – we couldn’t have done it without you. As cliché as that sounds, it’s true. Thank you.

And of course, to Alex Kinsey, Devin Daugherty, Libby Isenstein, Nicholas Bellos, Julia Bradley and Ben Blink, you deserve the title of “chief” just as much as we do. We are humbled to have worked with such an incredible team of creative, sharp and spirited people. For the incoming Editors-in-Chief, Alex and Devin – we know the paper is in good hands.

We didn’t know what to expect at the beginning of the year and we’re still not sure what really happened. Maybe Security could tell us? We never did make the blotter which had always been our goal.

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