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An open letter from the Carleton community

<ong>An open letter from the Carleton community

Dear President Elect Poskanzer,      

Welcome to Carleton! We are overjoyed that you will be joining our community next year. While we are proud to call ourselves Carls, we know that Carleton is not perfect. Throughout our time at Carleton, we have become aware of the need to address sexual violence on campus. Making our community a safe place for all is a priority for us and we know it is for you as well.  As a campus we have made great strides towards this goal with the support of President Oden, and we wanted to take the time to highlight both aspects of this progress and current concerns that we feel you have the direct power to address. 

1) Continued support in implementing the recommendations of the Sexual Misconduct Complaint Process Review (SMCPR). This includes the execution of recommendations for Fall 2010 and Spring 2011.

2) Support, financial and otherwise, for prevention efforts, which include New Student Week, Wellness Center and Gender and Sexuality Center initiatives. 

3) In the past Carleton’s sexual misconduct policy has been driven by fear of litigation. In keeping with many of the SMCPR recommendations, we expect student welfare to always take priority over legal concerns. 

4) Increased reports of sexual misconduct are not necessarily an indicator of increased sexual misconduct, but rather the result of a working grievance procedure.  We are worried that in efforts to increase Carleton’s profile, the importance of reporting cases of sexual misconduct may be overlooked in the focus on statistics.  

As invested members of our community who have witnessed the effects of sexual violence on campus, we know that addressing this issue is essential to creating a healthy community. Obviously, there are no silver bullets that will end sexual violence at Carleton and therefore, this process is one that will require continued attention to changing community needs. Nonetheless, we have made significant progress towards making campus a safer place for all. Given your stated priority to create a strong community and the potentially destructive impact sexual violence has on any community, we know that you will be an invaluable ally in making Carleton a healthy environment. 

Sincerely and with best wishes on your transition to Carleton,

Adriane Kisch-Hancock 2012
Alex Evangelides 2011
Alex Gibson 2010
Alex Kinsey 2011
Alex Walker 2012
Alexandra Schefter 2011
Ali Ehlen 2013
Ali Melton 2011
Amanda Hund 2010
Amelia Harris 2012
Andrew Terwilliger 2010
Andrew Tiang 2013
Andy Shenk 2010
Anne Doering 2010
Annie Rees 2010
Arden Caffrey 2013
Arpita Bhattacharyya 2010
Ben Cochran 2010
Benjamin Altshuler 2013
Beserat Kelati 2012
Beth Budnick 2011
Brady Still 2013
Brett Adelman 2010
Caitlin Wood 2013
Cameron Combs 2012
Carrie Paulette 2011
Cassie Mullen 2013
Cat Ward 2011
Chantel Johnson 2010
Charlotte Muzzi 2010
Charlotte Turovsky 2011
Chase Kimball 2010
Chloe Zelkha 2013
Christina Gehring 2010
Courtney Halbach 2013
Cristina Sainati 2010
Dania Lerman 2013
Daniel Levy 2011
Danny Forman 2012
Daria Kieffer 2012
Deborah Wong 2013
Devin Daugherty 2011
Dillon Titcomb 2013
DJ Zelle 2013
Eddie Bearnot 2011
Elizabeth Collins-Wildman 2011
Ellen Morehouse 2010
Elliott Johnson 2010
Emily Gruber 2013
Eric Hitimana 2011
Erin Lewis 2013
Erin Lopez 2013
Franchesca Chubb-Confer 2011
Grace Cooper 2011
Hannah Button-Harrison 2012
Hannah Goldberg 2010
Hannah Hayes 2011
Hannah Joy Wirshing 2013
Helen Ashton 2010
Helen Waller 2011
Hilary Rosenheim 2010
Hunter Knight 2011
Irene Koplinka-Loehr 2010
Jane Stitt 2011
Jeremy Girton 2010
John Travino 2012
Jordan Narvey 2010
Julia Clark 2012
Julie McCormick 2011
Katharine Richardson 2011
Katie Blanchard 2010
Katie Derrah 2011
Katie Forsberg 2010
Katie France 2012
Kaz Skubi 2011
Kelsey Ross 2012
Kendall Bills 2013
Kiera Jaffin 2011
Kitty O’Connell 2010
Kiva Oken 2010
Kristin Spiak 2012
Laura Woodland 2010
Lauren Burkhard 2010
Leigh Carroll 2013
Libby Isenstein
Libby Nachman 2012
Lily VanderStaay 2012
Lina Walkinshaw 2010
Logan Weiss 2011
Lydia Russell-Roy 2010
Marlene Edelstein 2011
Marta Lyons 2010
Max Davidson 2010
McKay Duer 2010
Megan Hafner 2011
Michael McClellan 2013
Michael W. L. Johnson 2010
Michelle Tan 2013
Mike Stevens 2010
Monica Welke 2010
Morris Nwogwugwu 2010
Myla Fay 2011
Nabina Liebow 2011
Nathan Yaffe 2011
Nathaniel Rosenblum 2010
Ned Heckman 2013
Nick Welna 2012
Nikki Reich 2010
Nimo Ali 2011
Nolly Gibbs 2011
Nora Cassidy 2013
Rachel Feinberg 2013
Ray McGaughey 2011
Ray Nelson 2012
Rebecca Gelles 2013
Rebecca Palwer 2010
Robert Stephens II 2010
Ross McIntire 2011
Ruth Aufderheide 2010
Sally Morgridge 2011
Sam Finn 2010
Sam Ritter 2010
Sam Robson 2010
Samantha Drogue 2010
Sarah Berlin 2012
Shavera Seneviratne 2013
Sophie Hines 2011
Sophie Willaims 2010
Stephen Gee 2010
Susan Chambers 2010
Susannah Ottaway – Faculty
Sylvie Lam 2012
Tony Eccles 2011
Veasey Conway 2012
William L North – Faculty
Winnie Zwick 2013 

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