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SWArticle: Benefits and practices of forms of meditation

<ess management is an important part of leading a balanced life, especially on a college campus. One way to release stress is through meditation. Meditation is seen as a complementary medicinal, mind-body practice. It is said to decrease stress, increase sense of well-being and improve mental clarity.

Although there are many different types of meditation with their own unique practices, in general, meditation requires the following: a quiet space, a comfortable posture, a focus of attention and an open attitude. The main categories of meditation include Guided Mediation, Mantra Meditation, Mindfulness Mediation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga.

Guided Meditation involves visualizing places or situations which have proven relaxing in one’s own experience. Focusing on the details of these situations is important, especially the sense.

Mantra Meditation uses repetition of calming words, usually silently to oneself, although they can also be spoken aloud in a chant-like form.

Mindfulness Meditation encourages people to focus on the world around them, especially living things and nature that surround them.

Qi Gong involves breathing exercises to center the body and restore balance. It is part of traditional Chinese medicine.

Tai Chi is a form of Chinese martial arts. It is offered as a PE class at Carleton.

Finally, Yoga, probably the most well known of all the above meditation practices, involves increasing the flexibility of the body and calming the mind. 

Meditation can be used to improve one’s health in general – for example, stress management, reducing negative emotions or for a  more specific health issue. In conjunction with more traditionally western medicinal practices, it has been used to treat anxiety disorders, binge eating, cancer, depression, pain, sleep problems and other ailments.

For more information of mediation or stress management contact your SWA or TWC.


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