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Alcohol summit needs to present the facts

<ecter of stricter alcohol enforcement looming over students all year, it’s time for our community to have a transparent conversation about booze at Carleton. This Monday’s town hall meeting sponsored by CSA Senate has the potential to provide just that. Organizers have proposed that the main point of discussion be whether or not current enforcement practices adequately control dangerous student drinking behavior.

The meeting will be most useful if Senators present meaningful statistics—like the number of alcohol-related medical transports over the last several years—that illustrate changes in dangerous drinking behavior on campus. For too long our discussions around alcohol policy have been fueled by perceptions of behavioral changes, and irrelevant anecdotal evidence. With clear statistical evidence, the community at large can come to a consensus as to whether current enforcement protocol adequately keeps students safe.

Administration needs to recognize that without a campus-wide consensus strict policy implementation reforms will be publically—and loudly—ill received. The community needs conclusive proof that that there is an excess of dangerous alcohol-related activity.

It was announced this week that Dean of Students/Vice President Hudlin Wagner has charged Associate Dean of Students, Cathy Carlson, with the task of coordinating a review of Alcohol practices at Carleton. The goal of the committee will be to submit an action plan with recommendations to Dean Wagner by this summer. The committee is looking for three to four student representatives. Those students will be responsible for informing the committee on whether proposed changes in enforcement would actually decrease dangerous behavior.

The Carletonian hopes that any changes in policy enforcement result from objective statistics showing a dangerous trend in behavior, instead of a simple shift in administrator ideology.

– The editorial represents the views of The Carletonian editors.

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