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Why the Census matters

<ril 1st, 2010, the United States Census Bureau will count every resident in the United States.  That includes college students, who are supposed to be counted where you live most of the year, which for all of us, is here at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. The College is working along with Res Life on a system for collecting Census forms for dorm residents.  Students who live off campus will need to send in the forms they receive in their mail boxes.

Why should you participate?  First and foremost, it is your civic duty.  Beyond that, however, Census data are used in many important ways:

1.  Numbers mean information.  Schools, businesses, governments, and non-profit agencies use Census data for planning programs, land use,  businesses and services.    That also means you as you may write papers in the future that will include Census data.

2.    Numbers mean money.  For every 100 people who go uncounted in Minnesota, the state will lose 1.3 million in federal funds over the next ten years.  These funds are used for roads and for health care and child care programs among others.

3.    Numbers mean power.  Census numbers are used to determine congressional representation.  Minnesota is at risk for losing one of its eight congressional seats.

The Census form has ten questions and takes approximately ten minutes to complete.  Please take the time to fill it out! If you are interested in helping reach a complete count for Rice County, contact Adrienne Falcon, Director of Academic Civic Engagement ([email protected]).

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