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From the archives: Carleton’s alcohol policy in 1958

Note from the Editors: This article was originally published in September 1958. The Carletonian is 147 years old, with over 3,400 issues published since its inception. To reflect and learn from the newspaper’s substantial history, pieces from the archive that have particular relevance either to current events will be republished. For context, the alcohol policy at Carleton at the time this letter was written and published was, after you had been subjected to a 10-day suspension, the next punishment was outright explulsion.


September 2, 1958

Mr. Nicholas Holland

4100 Rosemary St.

Chevy Chase 15, Maryland

Dear Nick:

It seems a shame to have to bring up at this time of year unhappy memories of last spring, but such, unfortunately, is necessary.

You remember, I am sure, that at the end of the school year you, for reasons best known to you and your colleagues, chose to imbibe some spiritous liquor in a room at Jewett House. Unhappily for you the proctor came back to Jewett when he was not expected and apprehended you. Since it is not possible to invoke the usual penalty for drinking after school is out you are being suspended at the beginning of the forthcoming semester. 

I expect you to write and tell me your intentions so far as the letter and spirit of the relatively few and I think generally reasonable regulations of Carleton are concerned. I take for granted that you wish to return and continue your education here, and I also take for granted that you are not in the habit of drinking in the dormitory. When I hear from you I shall let you known when your suspension will terminate. 

I am sorry to have to write you this letter, but I presume that you realize that if you want the thrill of violating the no-drinking rule you expect to pay the penalty involved if you are caught. 

Very sincerely yours,

Merrill E. Jarchow

Dean of Men


Letter to the Editor:

To the Editor: It is with profound disgust and mortification that I bring to the general notice the shocking fact that BEER steins are openly and shamelessly being sold in the Willis book store right at the heart of our blessedly temperate campus. To make matters infinitely worse, they have desecrated the chaste name and the sanctified seal of our school, both of which are bawdily inscribed on the ample sides of these vessels of iniquity. Oh gentle reader, don’t you see what this means? Foul spiritous liquors will be a scant quarter inch removed from the sacred books and frosty beads of condensation will form on Carleton’s fair name. It is to be hoped that enlightened and reasonable authority will deal firmly with this clear violation of the letter and the spirit of the regulations of this college. Nick Holland.

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