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Reflections on Carleton’s newest externships

At the outset of winter break, Carls spread across the globe like hungry bacteria on a petri dish brimming with agar. While some traveled home for the holidays for some well-deserved rest and relaxation, others took advantage of the six-week break to engage in Carleton’s renowned externship program. Using planes, trains and automobiles, students found themselves in a variety of locations from the peaks of the Arctic to the depths of the deep sea through some pioneering programs new to the Carleton Career Center this school year. 


Bon App sponsored their first extern, sending Oliver Clarke ‘25 to the far reaches of Britain to gather culinary insight. As everyone knows, Britain is renowned for their culinary advancements such as spotted dick and mushy peas. Thanks to Clarke’s hard work and dedication, all these items and more will be available in Sayles, beginning in Spring 2024.


The Career Center’s partnership with the Antarctic Council produced a new immersion program. Pinnea Llichta ’26 learned how to be a penguin, donning a full penguin suit — flippers and all! — to become one with one of Carleton’s honorary mascots. Llichta shared her experience with the Carletonian, recounting how the penguins were “not as cute up close, especially when they bite you.” Funding for the penguin suit was covered by the Career Center; however, following program policies, housing was not. 


Training for their position as a student teacher of Carleton’s bouldering and climbing classes, Frion Oyster ’25 climbed the caverns and rocky cliff faces of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Oregon. “The fall isn’t so bad when you float,” stated Oyster, reflecting on their underwater mountain climbing escapades. 


The greatest adventures, however, were to be found at home. Whether discovering how long the human body can be asleep for, reorganizing their entire childhood bedroom, or testing the limits of human patience with relatives, Carls everywhere gained new skills this break. We at the Carletonian can’t wait to see what is learned with a full three months this summer! 

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