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SWArticle: Smoking

<king cigarettes is a physical and psychosocial addiction that can be incredibly hard to quit and not return to.  People often start off as social smokers, smoking a cigarette every now and then at a party, and do not realize that they are becoming habitual smokers until they are addicted. 

The more a person smokes, the more the body becomes dependent on nicotine, the addictive stimulant found in cigarettes.  This dependence on nicotine is what makes quitting smoking so difficult; without the daily dose of nicotine, a person goes through withdrawal symptoms, including anxiety. 

Smoking has been associated not only with lung cancer, but also mouth, throat, kidney, and stomach to name a few.  Smoking can also harm the immune system, making it harder to recover from illnesses.  It has been linked to increased instances of erectile dysfunction and lowered libido. 

Besides the dangers to health, smoking can negatively impact social life.. Smoking is also an incredibly expensive, with a pack costing upwards of $5-6.  Many smokers end up going through two or three packs a day, spending as much as $100 a week to feed their habit. 

While the idea of quitting smoking may seem daunting, it is rewarding in the long run.  The Wellness Center is a good place to learn how to start quitting.  Call x4080 to make an appointment and talk about your options. If you have questions or comments contact your local SWAs.

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