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SWArticle: Safe Sex

<od sex is more than just “safe” sex. Here are a tips from the SWAs. Come talk to us for more extensive information or contact The Wellness Center.

Consent is a word we use a lot, but it is important that it not lose meaning.  It is the most important thing in a healthy sexual relationship.  Only you can decide whether you want to and are ready to have sex (not everyone is, by the way), who you want to have sex with, and what sort of sexual activity you want to engage in.  It is your job to know what you want and to find out what your partner wants. 

If and when you do decide to have sex, use protection (e.g. a condom.)  Know the facts: barrier methods are the only way to protect against all sorts of STIs, and when used correctly condoms are 98% effective.  So use them correctly and use them at the right times including during oral, vaginal, and anal sex.

Unfortunately, there is a strong implication that alcohol is a key factor in “getting some” at Carleton.  The two are often intermixed on our campus, but this does not change how risky this type of behavior is.  Alcohol and other drugs impair judgment, which is tolerable in some setting but dangerous in the context of sexual behavior. 

None if this information is new. All of it remains relevant or important. Sex can be a great thing but please be safe and respectful about it.

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