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What does your major say about you?

History majors: use “perhaps” in their everyday vernacular, weren’t allowed to watch tv before they finished their homework, have never eaten hot food in the dining halls

Environmental Studies majors: disintegrate at the sight of plastic water bottles, exclusively wear Blundstones, shower in the dark

American Studies majors: generally salty, drink iced coffee in the winter, think labels are lame

Political Science majors: failed econ majors

Econ majors: hate numbers but love to mansplain, put their food directly on the tray

Math majors: think they’re better than Econ majors, care more about six than sex

Religion majors: should have been in therapy as children, have a shrine to Kevin Wolfe in their dorm room

Chemistry majors: haven’t heard the term ‘liberal arts’ since opening convo, live in a second libe study room

Art History majors: always ask for oat milk but don’t have a dairy allergy, not afraid of job insecurity

Public Policy minors: think this will get them a really good job, don’t know what a job is

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