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SWArticle: Emergency Contraception

<gency contraception (EC) or “Plan B” is a method of birth control used when there is a risk of getting pregnant. Plan B contains a larger dosage of the hormones used in oral birth control (the pill) and works by delaying the release of an egg from a woman’s ovary.

Emergency contraception will not affect an existing pregnancy.

Emergency contraception can be used whenever there is a risk of you or your partner becoming pregnant. These situations include broken condoms, missed birth control pills, sexual assault and unprotected sex.

EC is most effective when taken as soon as possible following sexual intercourse. Emergency contraception should be used within 120 hours of sexual activity to be effective. Effectiveness declines over time; the sooner a woman takes EC, the better.

The Wellness Center will dispense EC during the week. An appointment with one of their advanced practice nurses is necessary.

Plan B is currently $13. After hours, it is dispensed at pharmacies over the counter. The over the counter cost is between $35 and $50. The website lists pharmacies in Minnesota where birth control can be obtained. If you are under 18, to obtain Plan B, a prescription from your health care provider is required.

The Wellness Center requires no prescription. Both methods are confidential.

For more information or questions about EC, contact your SWAs.

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