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350 Carls, 350 reasons why we care

<onmentalists have no shortage of advice to dispense. Most of this advice includes words like reduce, cut back, or do more of something positive. No matter what the advice it all lacks one thing; a number. How are we supposed to know when we have accomplished your goal of environmental consciousness? Without a measurable goal the only answer is when the world is saved. This prospect is discouraging for the most vehement optimist. Having a defined goal has proved successful in the past. In the 1970's, when it became apparent that chlorofluorocarbons were depleting the ozone advocates standardized numerical values for describing the size of the hole in the ozone. The measurable impact of the removal of CFC's provided motivation that vague guidelines could not.

This spurred an international movement to use a similar approach towards climate change. Leading climate scientists have identified 350 ppm of atmospheric CO2 to be the maximum safe level. We are currently at 390 ppm. The goal of the 350 movement is to push for a reduction in atmospheric CO2 to 350 ppm. This message is especially important as the UN Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen approaches. The 350 Movement plans to focus on a single day of action, October 24th.

On that day people from all over the world will demonstrate their motivation to reach the 350 ppm goal. The environmental activists on campus hasve banded together to collect 350 pictures of Carleton students, faculty, and staff with sign that say why they care about climate change. On October 24th, these pictures will be put together and sent to Copenhagen to add Carleton voices in urging leaders to set 350 ppm as our target carbon emission level. Send your photo with your personal motivation for curbing emissions written on a white board or come to our table in Sayles and have your voice heard. Contact/send your photo to [email protected] and help us reach our goal of 350 Carleton submissions.

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