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Some unsolicited advice

<rs, we feel a duty to pass on our wisdom. Not that we’re wise; but we have been here the longest and earned our bragging rights. There are still many things we don’t understand about Carleton, but here are some things we do know:

– Don’t worry (too much) about your grades; learning is not always reflected in a perfect grade.

– Don’t worry about other people’s grades either. Carleton students aren’t defined by their GPAs.

– Write for The Carletonian. At least once. Or any college publication, for that matter.

– Leave your room. It is probably warmer inside but most likely there are a lot more fun things going on outside. Go watch a game, attend a performance, go to a talk that interests you and then go to another that you have absolutely no interest in.

– Do something you never did in high school.

– Go to the Twin Cities. It’s sometimes hard to imagine that life still exists outside of Carleton. Even a walk down Division Street can be refreshing.

– Don’t print your assignments right before class. Printers are not guaranteed to work.

– Don’t be scared to go talk to your professors.

– Apply for all the internships and fellowships that the school offers. They are there to be used. Do not think that they are unattainable. The chance to receive funds with which you can go into the world and explore whatever interests you does not come often after college.

– Finish your P.E. credits early.

– Your snack bar dollars will go faster than you think. And you’ll really want some left over during ninth week.

Don’t worry if Carleton does not always feel like the perfect place for you. More people have those moments than you think. For many of us, Carleton takes some getting used to. It’s discouraging when the reality of college does not match up exactly with idealized version in your head. But as college students, now is the time that we have the most ability to shape our surroundings and take responsibility for the experiences that we have.

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