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College Comix: a zine by Phoebe Comix


I’ve always loved reading comics, but I only started writing and drawing my own for the Carletonian during the pandemic. My first year at Carleton, living through a Zoom camera along with the rest of the school, I drew 5-10 cartoons/comics daily, posting two per day on my Instagram account, @phoebecomix. I took a look at my profile recently and saw that I had posted 455 cartoons and comics, and figured that I should do something with them.

Instagram is a great way to reach people, but I wanted to make something meaningful with my body of work, something that people could hold. I didn’t have the resources or the money to write/produce a book, but I did have experience with InDesign (thanks Cow Print Mag! Shoutout Cow Print Mag), Print Services, and a familiarity with zines. Two major sources of inspiration for College Comix in terms of layout were King Cat Comix by John Porcellino and Excuse Me by Liana Finck. These two authors — Porcellino and Finck — were a huge reason why I felt compelled and capable enough to compile my work into something physical. I hope Carleton students enjoy reading it. Or at the very least, I hope they’ll flip through it.

I’m so grateful to the Carletonian for providing this place to share my work, and to Carleton for being such a wonderful place to write, draw, and grow. 

The zine I publish exclusively for both Patreon and Substack is called You’ve Got to Stop This. I will be publishing 2 issues a month, on Patreon/Substack only. 

You can find my Patreon here or alternatively, my Substack here 

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