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SWArticle: The Importance of Vitamin D

<oming of Spring term, and the much await good whether, take a few minutes to read about the importance of Vitamin D, which your body soaks up from the sun.

What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is found in fish, eggs, and cod liver oil (fish oil, which is said to be good for brain activity and is often taken in supplements). Vitamin D is important to maintain levels of calcium and phosphorus in blood. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium that is ingested and passing through the intestines. Recent research suggests that it is an important preventative measure for protecting against osteoporosis, hypertension/ high blood pressure, cancer, and some autoimmune diseases. It is also a mood booster. Vitamin D also affects the immune system.

Where is Vitamin D found?

There are two forms of vitamin D, ergocalciferol (D2) and cholecaliferol (D3). Vitamin D2 is synthesized from plants, while Vitamin D3 is synthesized by human skin when it is exposed to UV light from the sun. During winter months, it can be hard to get enough vitamin D, especially in Minnesota, so some doctor may recommend taking a vitamin D supplement.

Thankfully, now that winter is over, most students will be able to get sufficient levels of vitamin D. But remember, is only takes 10 minutes of exposure to the sun to absorb the daily recommendation of vitamin D. Be sure to protect your skin with sun block or sun screen. Vitamin D gives us one more reason to celebrate Spring.

For supplement information visit:

For more information about vitamin D ask your SWAs!

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