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This Week at SUMO: The Devil Wears Prada and Sweeney Todd

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If Carleton’s fashion sense is really getting to you—if you can’t stand to see any more Chacos, cuffed jeans, or old t-shirts—I suppose “Devil Wears Prada” might be a good option this weekend. Otherwise, slide on those sandals and go for a hike in the Arb. It might be cold, but that’s spring in Minnesota, and you chose to come here, after all.

“Devil” is fine as clothing porn, but not worth missing weekend festivities for. Anne Hathaway is just obnoxious as a frumpy aspiring writer hired at pseudo-Vogue. She goes from whiny to slimy over the course of the film, losing Adrian Grenier in the process (you won’t be invested enough to care). The clothes may be great, but the story isn’t. Meryl Streep as an excellently nasty Anna Wintour figure, and Emily Blunt, with her withering looks and neuroses, disguise the film. When watching their scenes you won’t realize how bad the rest of the movie is. The wardrobe makes does make up for a lot, elevating Devil to “okay chick-flick.” The best I can say is you’ll love Meryl, you’ll adore Blunt, and you might not mind the movie.

I think its safe to skip this one. If you really, really need some fashion in your life not found at R.E.I., watch Make Me a Supermodel. Someone tell me, who is that dashing spectacled man, and why is he so smart?

Sweeney Todd

So I didn’t actually watch “Sweeney Todd” this week, but it wasn’t for lack of trying– or heart! It’s impossible to find online anywhere. So, Carleton, my first piece of advice to you: if you want to see it, but were saying to yourself “I’ll skip SUMO and watch it free illegally online,” don’t!

Even though I didn’t watch it, I won’t let you down. I’ve done all the hard work for you, Carleton. I looked up “Sweeney” on Rotten Tomatoes–it’s at 86%, which is pretty good. What I’m reading and hearing is that this movie is great if you like Tim Burton, and pretty weird if you don’t. I think if you haven’t seen the musical at the theater, you should go see the film. Let me explain: it’s a good story, Sondheim’s a master, and you’ll be more culturally literate for it. If you have seen the musical, whether you should go depends on how much you like Depp/Bonham-Carter/Burton, and how devoted you are to the stage version. This creepy musical about “the demon barber of fleet street” might be just the perfect movie for a stormy Friday or Saturday night, but who knows? Not me, I haven’t seen it yet!

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