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Why you should vote for Joe Fabeetz

<ucation. Have you ever been burned trying to know her? Raw sex, as they say, is better than cooked. Look around you. If you've any taste left at all you'll realize that there's no taste left at all. The once raw flesh is now bland and overcooked.

We devour whatever is put before us. The wild game in the bush is the best to be had, but it is to be pursued, not plopped down before us on a platter, cooked and dressed. We may consume great knowledge, but we never really taste it.

Pre-meds have become the slaughtered scapegoat of our hungry frustrations, perhaps because there the irony is most apparent. Where now is the life? All the vital forces have been drained away, our selves embalmed with deterministic mechanism. But I’m talking of more than just biology; the humanities too have lost their humanity. We are taught to grovel in the dust of ages, worshipping the earth once walked upon. As for myself, I’m not just running for CSA senate; I’m running for my life…for my reality.

I wrote these words in 1977 when I ran for CSA Senate. In case you don’t know your Carleton history, I won that race. By the largest margin ever in a CSA Senate race. Of course, my win didn’t count because I “don’t exist.” I’ve spent some time thinking about that charge – 26 years, actually. And I have decided that it’s not true. I do, in fact, exist.

And now, as they say, I return to you at the turning of the tide. Those words I wrote in 1977 are as relevant today as they were then. Heed these words, Carleton, because sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back and cast an objective glance over our society, over our college. To smell the roses.To smell the coffee. Wake up. Wake up.

I asked in ‘77, “Where now is the life?” And now I ask in ‘09: ‘Where now is the life?” Look deep down inside you. What do you see? What do you see?

-Joe Fabeetz is running for CSA Senator

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