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Gender Pay Inequality

<sday, President Obama signed his first bill into law. The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was introduced when the Supreme Court ruled against an Alabama woman who sued her company for compensation after 19years of work, claiming that she was paid less than the men who did the same work. The legislation expands a worker's rights to sue in cases such as this, make the statue of limitations more flexible. It is about time that equal pay has been addressed in politics. Equal pay has been an issue for women for decades and even in this 21st century, studies show that the wage gap between men and women is worsening. Currently, women only make 80% of the salary that their male peers are receiving. We must start taking pay inequality seriously and we must start by looking at the wage gap in our own community. Carleton Chicks for Change will be doing several events over the next few weeks to bring attention to the pay inequality at Carleton. Check out our blog at for current events and more information.

-Carleton Chicks for Change is an advocacy group for equal pay amongst staff and
faculty at Carleton

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