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Porch to undergo renovations, possible closure

Porch, a college house beloved by many in the Carleton community, will be closing at the end of Spring Term. It is currently unknown whether Porch is closing temporarily or permanently. This closure also marks the first time in 20 years that Carls won’t be living in Porch, as students have rented the house for the past two decades. 

Carls mainly know Porch as the site of many gatherings. The house is known for throwing Porch Wednesdays and recently hosted a toga-themed night during Week Three’s Party Week. For many first-years, Porch is one of their first Carleton house parties. 

“Porch was one of my first party experiences; it felt very welcoming and very college” said Sofia Quanbeck ’25. “Being there was one of those moments where I felt like I had made the right decision about coming to Carleton. While Porch was weird, it was a good and inclusive type of weird.”

Izzi Clawson ’22 spoke to Porch’s significance as a space for hosting gatherings. Many of their team’s rugby socials were held at Porch. 

“A standout memory from hosting at Porch has weirdly been the Porch stairs,” they said. “Standing on those stairs, drinking and singing our rugby songs. Lots of great memories.”  

Aside from parties, Porch has traditionally been a residential building for many Carleton seniors. Similar to obtaining a room through Carleton’s Room Draw process, seniors with advantageous draw numbers have the possibility to live in Porch. However, unlike Room Draw, seniors must also coordinate with Porch’s landlords, as the house is not owned by the college. 

This is due to the fact that Porch is one of the houses leased under Carleton’s Northfield Option. Under this housing plan, approved Carleton seniors can rent properties in Northfield. All properties available for rent under the Northfield Option are independently owned and leased. 

Rachel Heilbronner ’22, one of Porch’s residents, explained how this housing system related to Porch’s closure. 

“The way Northfield Option works is that rising seniors with high draw numbers who are interested apply to Carleton during Winter Term to live off-campus, and if they’re approved, then they can lease a house from someone who owns a property in Northfield,” she said. “All of the houses you’re used to—Porch, Steak, Goat, etc.—are rented this way. Therefore, Carleton has nothing to do with Porch closing; it was a decision made by our landlord and property management company.” 

Satya Das ’22, another Porch resident, expanded upon why exactly Porch’s landlord sought to close the building. 

“Porch came under new ownership,” he said. “We [the residents] have been thinking that Porch needed  renovation because multiple things in the house just need to be fixed.” 

The new owners of Porch shared similar sentiments. “Instead of renting out to students in the fall, Porch’s new owners decided that they would renovate the building during summer and fall, or however long renovations take,” Das explained. Thus, Porch will remain closed at least through Fall Term and likely throughout the following school year. 

Porch’s presence will be missed, but residents acknowledge that, given its history, remodeling seems like the necessary course of action. Porch was built in 1900, making it almost 125-years-old. 

Moreover, it has been occupied by college students for the last 20 years and served as a site for many parties. Porch resident Will Bausch ’22 outlined how the combination of these factors has taken a toll on Porch’s structure. 

“Recently, we’ve been having a lot of issues with flooding,” Bausch said. “Our bathroom floods with sewage water once in a while, and sometimes the ceiling will leak.” In a discovery unrelated to partying, Porch residents also recently found a beehive in the basement.

When asked if Porch would return the following school year, Porch residents explained that plans were still up in the air. However, they expressed optimism. 

“I’m not sure, but I hope that Porch may come back in the future,” said resident Kyle Gilbert ’22. “I mean, unless they fully renovate the house to be brand new, it should be an option for Carleton students.” 

“There is a possibility of Porch coming back,” Heilbronner said. “We really have no idea what our landlord/property management company’s long-term plans for Porch are, but after the repairs and renovations are completed, it is possible that they will want to rent to Carleton students again. So we’re really hoping that we can eventually pass the torch on to this year’s sophomores and that the Porch legacy can continue.” 

Regardless of uncertainties, all residents conveyed a sense of gratitude for their time at Porch. 

“As a freshman, I used to think of Porch as a crazy, weird place,” Das said. “But I’ve realized that for a lot of people, it can just be a place where people come together to have fun.” 

“I’ve loved being able to host parties that bring people together on campus,” Gilbert added, echoing Das’s sentiment. “It has been nice to get to know other off-campus folks as well. I will surely miss it.” 

Regardless of Porch’s outcome, Heilbronner and Gilbert expressed excitement about Porch’s remaining time as a hub within the Carleton community. 

“Living at Porch has been fun,” said Heilbronner. “We all feel like we have a responsibility to be a fun, welcoming place for Carls of all years, and especially because this might be the last year of Porch (but hopefully not), we want to make this Spring Term great for everyone. We’re looking forward to having a great Spring Term send-off for Porch!”

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