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A large increase in student activity fee

<ast Monday night, the CSA Senate voted to set the Student Activity Fee for the 2009-2010 academic year, as is done every year around this time. There are however, some changes that I feel that you should know about before you receive your tuition statement for next year.

Firstly, we created a new fund — the Student Activity Support Fund. While precise specifics for the program still have yet to be worked out, we expect that grants will be accessed through applications submitted to the Office of Student Financial Services – much like applying for a fee waiver for music lessons. We estimate that there will be sufficient funds to provide $150 to about 215 Carls. We are aware that students on any amount of financial aid are expected to make a personal contribution to the cost of their education. Our goal is to have Senate do its part, however small, in making it possible for every Carleton student to thrive here.

In addition to the increase for the Student Activity Support Fund, Senate voted to increase the Student Activity Fee by another $12 to both account for inflation and to add a bit more to the pool of money senate allocates to students each week. We do not want to risk jeopardizing the purchasing power of CSA’s various funds, which support proposals that you and your groups make to budget committee for events on campus. More money in our budget can increase the size and quality of your activities at Carleton.

Accounting for both the $18 increase for the Student Activity Support Fund and the $12 for the various Budget Committee administered funds, the student activity fee will be increased by a total of $30 (to $231 from $201 this year) for next academic year. Yes, we all understand that $231 is a lot of money. However, if you look at schools like Amherst whose activity fee is $670/year, Bowdoin ($400/year), or even Grinnell ($350/year), $231 really doesn’t seem that much. I hope that when you see next year’s tuition statement you understand that your increased Student Activity Fee directly results in not only more funds at your disposal for activities campus, but also a way to support our fellow students in paying this fee.

As always, please feel free to talk to me, the CSA officers, or any other senator if you want to discuss these changes or have questions.

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